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Know Us

Know Us

We Are Fresh Halal Meat Shop (MIDDLE EASTERN MARKET)

Fresh Halal Meat Shop is 100% Halal

Fresh Halal Meat Shop is a halal food brand where the values of halal can be found in beautifully branded, conveniently packed products just for you. As the only 100% Muslim owned, halal meat brand selling fresh and cooked products, we understand that halal is more than just a logo on a pack.

Our mission is to be the most TRUSTED halal food brand. We shall achieve this by continuously improving the quality of halal products across our range, understanding our customer and actively supporting the halal philosophy.

We know that the quality of the meat makes or breaks a meal: meat is the core flavour, it’s the element that decides and gives shape to the dish. We know how much effort you put into cooking, especially after a hard day’s work. And we know you care as much as we do about providing your family with not only tasty food, but the highest quality food too. Quality meat tastes better, and it’s better for our health. Although retailers have increasingly made fresh halal meat more available since the 70s, even today, finding meat that is both 100% halal and of an excellent quality isn’t as simple as it sounds – or ought to be. Frustrated by not easily being able to find what we wanted, we made it our mission to mainstream genuine halal of unsurpassed quality throughout the Wellington city, and online (coming soon).